Hi, I'm Tim. I like to draw and arrange things pleasingly on pages.

If you want to give me money to make nice things for you then please get in touch via the contact page.

Who I Am

I'm a self taught designer, illustrator and photographer from London, who likes to work with hand drawn lettering, bright colours and bold lines. My work has been called "uniquely imaginative", which I think means it's often a little strange.

I've previously worked stints in Tokyo and Seattle, but I'm now based back in my home town of London, where I work in a variety of mediums, predominantly creating design and artwork for freelance projects and prints.

My illustrations have been featured in a number of publications internationally, as well as being sold and exhibited worldwide.

Most days I can be found in my studio with some inappropriately placed pencils, daydreaming and doodling, surrounded by pretty ladies and piles of gold.

What I Do

Design helps things not look crap, and that's important. Good design is often invisible, but bad design can make people ill. If you don't want your brand to make people ill, then you need my help.

Illustration helps kick start people's imaginations. So why not let me help you kick people in the head? Metaphorically, of course.

Lettering is the age old art of hand rendering text, rather than using fonts. I can do single letters, multiple letters, entire words, or even multiple words. Amazing, I know.

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Recent Exhibitions

'Secret 7' at Sonos Studio, London, 2016
'&Exhibit' at Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, 2016
'No Culture Icons' at Northern Monk Refectory, Leeds, 2015
'Idols & Icons' at The Hanbury, London, 2015
'Secret 7' at Somerset House, London, 2015
'Rhyming Slang' at The Lauriston, London, 2014
'Depop Beach Party' at Beach London, London, 2014
'Zoo' at The Hanbury, London, 2014
'A is for...?' at The Hanbury, London, 2013
'Whisper' at The Lauriston, London, 2013
'Secret 7' at Mother, London, 2013
'Eat Everything' at Hewitt Street, London, 2012
'Hello Head' at Cargo, London, 2012


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